BMW Cosmetic Repairs



Alloy Wheel Repair

Get great results everytime
Wheel damage can occur from something as minor as brushing against a curb. Should this happen, be sure to visit our Connecticut BMW Service Center for professional BMW alloy wheel repair.

In most cases, the damage is purely superficial and our BMW alloy wheel repair can quickly remove all traces using an innovative putty that delivers the highest quality results.

We can even fix dents and scratches in your wheels. In the event of more serious structural damage, we may recommend a wheel replacement.

Windshield and Glass Repair and Replacement

Remedy glass damage quickly & cost-effectively
Damage to the glass of the windshield is by no means uncommon. It is not only annoying but, in certain circumstances, may be hazardous too. A small site of chip damage can quickly develop into a crack that makes it necessary to replace the entire windshield.

The specially trained, certified technicians at our BMW Certified Glass Repair Center will closely examine each site of glass damage and, if possible, eliminate it quickly and reliably in customary BMW quality with BMW Glass Repair. The timely repair by our BMW Service experts not only prevents your windshield from cracking, but also helps to retain the value of your BMW.

BMW Painless Dent Repair

Making dents & dings disappear
BMW dent repair restores your faith in your BMW.

BMW hail damage, parking lot mishaps, or minor vandalism can cause a dent in your car. With BMW dent repair, body damages can be inexpensively removed without having to repaint.

Using innovative repair methods, our BMW Certified Collision Repair Center can easily and inexpensively massage away BMW buckling or dents.

Maintain your vehicle’s appearance and value ? let our BMW dent repair experts restore your BMW to its original top quality.

Vehicle Detailing

Exterior & interior detailing done in one day!
The easiest way to get your BMW looking like new again.